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When you can rely on promises to yourself and to others, you become a powerful person. We are only as strong as our word is strong. If you give your word to others that you are going to be some place at a particular time, will call at a particular time, make this or that change, or say you can be counted on, you must be able to follow through because every time you don’t keep your word you lose your power. It is not only your word to others—because you can make excuses—it is also the word you give to yourself when you say you intend to do something. When you give yourself your word to keep your agreements with yourself, you know you can count on yourself. With that power, that feeling, that belief, there’s not much you cannot do, because you make things happen.

It is simply a matter of keeping our minds off what we don’t want and on what we do want. Don’t spend your time imagining and imprinting what you are trying to avoid. Instead of going away from something, go toward something. This is sound psychology. Too often we get caught up in being realistic. "I have always been this way." "This is the way I behave." "This is the way I am." "This is the way things always happen to me." The best advice I can share with you is never go by past track records. Every moment is a new beginning. (from the book, Advanced Formula for Total Success , by Dr. Robert Anthony)

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