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WHY? ... NOW!
(from Motivation123 Newsletter, by Jason M. Gracia)
(Issues: 12/22/05, 5/3/06, 11/28/07)

While setting clearly defined goals is critical to living the life you want to live, lasting change requires something more than a specific [even scheduled] goal … what's the missing link?


That's right, the missing link is why you want the goal. Without a strong and persuasive 'why' behind each one of your goals you'll never achieve it.

How to Uncover Your Quality Reasons

Take one of your goals in mind and answer the following questions with as much detail and emotion as possible. Remember, the more powerful your reasons for wanting to achieve the goal, the more you'll be motivated to take action and get what you want.

1. What will achieving your goal do for you physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Financially? Spiritually?

2. What will you think of yourself years from now if you achieve your goal?

3. What will failing to achieve your goal cost you physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Financially? Spiritually?

4. How will failing to achieve your goal negatively affect your friends and family? What will it cost them in the long run?

5. What will you think of yourself years from now if you never achieve your goal?

This short list of questions should be enough to get you started on the right path. All of your goals require this type of questioning. Without it, you'll quickly let habit and routine run the show and fall far short of what is possible in your life.



While most people would shrug their shoulders about unfulfilled dreams and tell themselves the next year will be different, Ben knew better. He knew the truth, and the truth was his gift.

At exactly 3:14 AM Ben discovered that his life would never come close to the picture he had in his mind, never compare to the level of happiness and joy he imagined, unless he did something to make it happen.

An entire year had passed without a single positive change taking place, and Ben knew that the terrifying cycle would continue until the day he died - unless he did something about it.

This fact holds true for you just as much as it did with Ben. You will never create the life you desire if you don't do something about it. Be careful not to gloss over this idea. I want you to really think about looking back on your life never having achieved the goals and dreams you now desire. Imagine living your entire life far below what is possible.

Let it sink in.

Life can be exactly as you want it, but it will never come to be until you take action. The gift of truth is now yours - use it to drive you toward a better, brighter future.



Mary, a mother of two and full-time teacher, had always wanted to learn how to dance. She talked about it for years and years, but nothing ever came of it… You see, Mary convinced herself everything would come together someday; the stars would align and she would learn how to dance. And by doing so, she was able to avoid stepping outside her comfort zone.

This talent, being able to convince yourself that you'll somehow achieve all your goals 'someday,' is what keeps so many people right where they are - far from where they want to be. It's a trap, but one that can be broken with the right question … [Ask yourself this question:] “If you change nothing about your daily routine, will you ever achieve your goals and dreams?” Think about it. Really think about it. If you continue down the exact same path you're now on, will you end up where you want to be? …

Two Things You Can Do Right Now … the first thing is to realize you will never achieve your goals and dreams, never live the life you've imagined, if you don't start taking action right now. Today. … The second thing to do is make a change. Routine will run the show if you let it, so it's up to you to put a stop to the pattern and start to shake things up. Think of just one thing you can do today that will bring you a step closer to your goal. And when you've got it, do it.

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