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Following are four of the most top-rated sources for online training. The first two are especially good for computer training (& other subjects), the third for earning degrees online and taking university courses, the fourth for improving basic work skills!

Get trained/certified FAST in Microsoft (MCP, MCSE, MCSD), Novell (CNA, CNE), A+ Certification, Cisco. Get trained/certified in Office-95,-97,-2000, Lotus, Corel, Programming, Web Design, CAD, etc. Not only computer training; also included are courses in Leadership, Time Management, Business Skills and others!

Unlike expensive classes where retention averages 30%, online interactive training programs are typically one-tenth the cost and retention runs 85-95%!

The following link offers the best training if you are on a tight budget. These courses contain the same content and interaction with the training media as more expensive online training, but at a fraction of the cost. One reason for such a bargain is there is no sound in these courses ... however, this may actually be an advantage for many. Take a look and even try out one of the free courses to see what you think!

Online Courses


If you're not on quite as "tight" a budget, and you'd like online courses with sound and all the "bells & whistles," this one is the number ONE rated e-learning site on the Internet!--


Finally, if you are looking to improve your BASIC WORK SKILLS, here's the website you'll want to go to!--

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