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(from Mentored by a Millionaire, by Steven Scott)

In this book, Steven Scott mentions that to be a superachiever, unlike what is taught by the majority of motivational and personal development speakers/teachers, one must set "impossible" dreams/goals; however, also in this book, he gives 20 laws of extraordinary success he learned and practiced to make his impossible dreams/goals a reality. Of these principles, one of the most significant to accomplish the "impossible" is effective partnering. Following, briefly, are these 20 laws. We highly recommend reading the book for a more in-depth understanding of these points!

1. People who achieve ordinary outcomes do so by using conventional approaches and methods taught in schools and used by the masses. People who achieve extraordinary to near impossible outcomes do so by using a different set of master strategies that are universally and consistently used by superachievers and are virtually unknown to the masses.

2. Superachievers learn these master strategies from mentors (the fast way), or through the agonizing process of trial and error (the slow way). [We might add that Steve Scott states that via this book he is our mentor to teach us, only as a mentor can, those principles/laws that will assure our super-success]

3. Regardless of past programming for mediocrity, anyone can reprogram their brain for extraordinary outcomes. All they need is the right software and the commitment to use it. [Ö such as lies herein]

4. Lack of know-how only appears to be an insurmountable obstacle. For superachievers, it serves as a springboard to extraordinary achievement.

5. Superachievers remove the limits of limited resources by accurately assessing their resources, wisely allocating them, and expanding them by recruiting outside resources.

6. It is impossible to achieve extraordinary success in any arena without effectively partnering. Every extraordinary or impossible dream ever achieved has been achieved through partnering. [see "Effective Partnering"]

7. Effective partnering raises the level of success exponentially, accelerates success meteorically, and reduces risk enormously.

8. Achievement is accelerated by effective and persuasive communication skills and is retarded by the lack of those skills.

9. Itís the speakerís sole responsibility to grab a listenerís undivided attention, hold his or her attention, impart a clear understanding of whatís being said, and implant what is felt into his or her emotions.

10. Extraordinary achievement is impossible to attain without a clear and precise vision and a detailed plan to achieve that vision.

11. Vision infuses life into any project or endeavor, and the lack of vision infuses the dying process.

12. Dreams without clearly defined goals, and goals without clearly defined steps, will never be achieved expeditiously or efficiently, and will rarely be achieved at all. [On his website, www.StevenKScott.com, the author makes a workbook ("Vision Mapping Journal") available to expedite this process!]

13. No one has ever achieved extraordinary success without shooting for the moon. Everyone who has ever achieved their "impossible dreams" has done so by shooting for the moon. [via # 6]

14. Extraordinary success can never be achieved without encountering extraordinary roadblocks, setbacks, and failures. These can only be overcome through creative persistence. [see "Why is Life So Hard?"]

15. Fears of failure blind oneís vision to opportunity. Extraordinary success cannot be achieved until those fears are effectively dealt with and vision is restored. ["Failure is in a sense the highway to success, inasmuch as every discovery of what is false leads us to seek earnestly after what is true." - John Keats]

16. Failure when revisited will rarely be relived. Failure when analyzed will provide the building blocks for future successes that will be far greater than the failure itself.

17. Conscious or subconscious avoidance of criticism will short-circuit the ability to achieve extraordinary success and happiness. [Consider the source, learn from criticism that is accurate & discard the rest]

18. If you canít control your time, you wonít achieve extraordinary success. [via planning, scheduling, etc. Ė ie focus]

19. No matter how much success a person achieves, if he or she becomes a positive person, he or she will achieve more and enjoy the journey a lot more.

20. Without developing a controllable passion for a vision, extraordinary success is impossible. [three ingredients of passion: vision, hope, fulfillment]

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