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(from Goal Mapping, by Brian Mayne)

Your subconscious mind is like the most amazing servant, waiting to act on the goal or command from your conscious mind. Imagine that your brain is like a computer. Your conscious mind could be compared to the front screen whilst your subconscious mind is like the internal control programs that are not seen directly. Both your conscious and your subconscious drive what you see through the screen.

New discoveries about how the mind works are being made on an almost daily basis. It is now known for certain that the subconscious mind is extremely powerful. It has the capacity to do things that doctors and scientists still don’t fully understand, and which most people will never properly utilize. Your subconscious works non-stop, twenty-four hour a day, whether you are awake or asleep. Its main functions are to keep you well and healthy and to serve your every need.

Together your conscious and subconscious form a unique partnership. Your conscious mind is like the captain of a ship and has the responsibility for setting the direction and giving the commands, and your subconscious is like the crew that must obey the captain’s orders. However, for all its enormous power there is one crucial function that your subconscious cannot perform—it cannot question or make value judgments. That is, it can’t determine whether something is right or wrong for you, good or bad for you, true or false. That task remains the responsibility of your questioning conscious mind.

The prime way in which your conscious captain communicates with your subconscious crew is through the thoughts that you think [see imprinting]. Every thought is a goal or command for your subconscious to obey. The thoughts you repeat most often, and those connected to the strongest emotions, become your dominant thoughts and the priority commands that your subconscious obeys… your subconscious is designed like a guided missile system and always seeks a target. If you are not giving your subconscious crew conscious and clearly defined commands about where you want to go in life, it will simply select your dominant thought as the target and act on that by default… A major distinction between people who see themselves as successful and people who consider themselves to be unsuccessful is that successful people stay fully focused on what they want and generate great personal power, rather than allowing themselves to become distracted and deflated by worrying about what they fear. (see superconscious mind)

In his book, Brian Mayne shares a most powerful strategy for effectively focusing our thoughts, stimulating both the right (creative, intuitive) side of our brain and the left (logic) side, which he calls goal mapping. For more information and the two goal mapping templates, click here; for example, click here! A few insights about Goal Mapping from the book: To gain the power of Goal Mapping you need to engage in creating one; it is not enough to just know about the technique... Really get in touch with your picture, and then notice how it feels to be living your life at your best [i.e. "feel the emotion" from imprinting]... [when drawing your goal map] don't use clip-art or cut out pictures from a magazine... they haven't been drawn by you and therefore have not activated your brain in the same way [this is not so say you can't use cut out pictures to display elsewhere to augment your goal map] ... use as much colour as possible in the completed version because colour is an excellent right-brain stimulant... To complete your Goal Map and empower yourself further, all that remains is to sign it. Your signature is the mark of your commitment. It is the accepted way of saying that you will keep your word. That's why so many important documents ask for a signature.

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