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Start Small and Work Up Ö
Everything Effects Everything Else

Just recently came across the following from the motivational speaker and trainer, Jim Rohn. It's a true principle I am just beginning to realize the significance of. We know that Heavenly Father is a God of ORGANIZATION ... and to be able to think clearly, we must be organized ... and as we implement any worthwhile principle in our lives, if we just practice the following overall principle, this organization we need will come more easily and naturally! Ė

Let me give you some keys to discipline. Start with the little things and work up to the big ones. The little things are minor things you can do to make your life better and make you feel better about yourself. Make a list of them. Life will give you some pretty big challenges, but unless you practice on the small ones and master those, you donít have a chance on the major ones. A man strides out of his house to go straighten out the corporation, and he has not yet straightened out his garage. Whoís he kidding? So work on all the disciplines, small as well as large, that will improve the quality of your life.

And here is an important thought: everything affects everything else. Every lack of discipline affects every other discipline. Mistakenly, the man says, ďThis is the only area I failed.Ē Itís obvious thatís not true. Every failure, no matter how small, affects the rest of your performance.

Now here is the positive side: every new discipline affects every other discipline. Every new thing you try affects the rest of your performance. Isnít that exciting? So get started on every small discipline you can think of. You canít believe what it will do for your self-confidence. Remember, the greatest deterrent to success is lack of self-confidence; and lack of self-confidence comes from not doing what you could do.

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