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Commit to Self-Evolution
(from Get the Most Out of Life, by Derrick Sweet)

In every moment of every day, life offers nuggets of wisdom for all those who are aware. Most people are too blinded by their own self-indulged plights to see the wisdom that is available to all who possess an open mind. Think how exciting life must be for those who are committed to making the most of every day, to the point that they see every situation as an opportunity for their soul to grow and their potential to expand! When you release your prejudices, criticism, limiting beliefs, and fear of your own potential, you will start to learn the lessons of the day. And when you do, each morning you will awaken to a higher self. Each day, your knowledge of the ways of the world will grow and as it does you will experience a sense of well-being that can only be described with one work: heavenly.

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