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The People's Cybernation
The Mission Of The People's Cyber Nation Is To Provide You And Your Family With Powerful And Unique Tools And Products To Improve And Enhance All Aspects Of Your Life... And To Inspire And Empower You To Achieve Your Dreams And Destiny! Included is a library of over 27,000 motivating quotations (arranged by subject and author)! And here are two more resources for quotations: Leadership Now and Famous Quotations

ThinkTQ (8/8/07)
ThinkTQ, Inc. is the world leader in on-demand assessment and virtual training products for personal, corporate, and professional excellence.

Welcome to what will soon become one of the most powerful FREE collections of personal development books, articles and other resources on the Internet!

For a tremendous resource of self-development ideas & lists, go to http://topten.org

Like poetry? ... Go to Selected Classical Poetry

To access the largest/best collection of Motivational Tapes, CDs, and Videos Click Here
Looking for a Book? Click Here
for Electronics Online Click Here

Like to learn how almost anything works? -- go to www.howstuffworks.com!

True Inspsired Living -- a recource of links to top inspirational websites!
True Insights -- "Within this website you will find several free services and links designed to help you lead a purposeful life that will manifest itself into a life worth living full of the dreams you desire."

For the world's best-selling quick reference guides (super-condensed on only one or two laminated hole-punched pages)... covering a wide range of topics in such categories as academics, medical, health, home topics, computer, law, and child development -- go to Buy Barcharts Products

Looking for a system to better organize the use of your time? ... check out Planner Pads! -- This system is "head & shoulders" above the rest. You see a whole week-at-a-glance, which is split into 3 sections: (1) Categories/Projects, (2) Daily Things-To-Do lists, (3) Appointments. We have found nothing quite like this tremendously effective system! "Try it ... you'll like it!"

Spiritual Cinema (7/30/07) --
“There are wonderful, inspiring movies being made by creative filmmakers all over the world, but hardly anybody is getting to see them because Hollywood isn't distributing them. The Hollywood studios don't seem to think there's a market for movies with heart and soul. At the same time there are millions of us around the world who aren't going to the movies much anymore because we're tired of the violence and mindlessness of the typical Hollywood stuff. Why don't we scout the film festivals, find the great spiritual-themed movies Hollywood is ignoring, and bring them to people at home on DVD?” (Gay Hendricks, co-founder, Spiritual Cinema)

Want to get a free personality test in five minutes? Want it to be easy, fun, and accurate? Then visit ColorQuiz.com right now!

Ever dreamed of singing in Carnegie Hall … or in your local church choir … or just improving your voice to sing your favorite hymns/songs to your personal satisfaction?! Try Singorama! It is, indeed, head-and-shoulders above any other training program! … Here’s what SingingLessons.bz has to say about Singorama! --

Do you dream of being a pop-star, or just to Wow your friends at karaoke? Well do we have the answer for you! We have reviewed all the top learn to sing programs available on the internet.
Our Pick: Singorama came up well ahead of the rest with the best singing techniques, funnest learning style, and offering the greatest variety of learning tools. Emily Manders makes learning to sing fun, with diverse learning styles such as theory followed up by listening and singing along with Emily, and even a mini recording studio, so you can record yourself, compare your voice to professionals, and even write your own music CD's.

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