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One Quality that will Assure Your Success

"... the quality which sets one man apart from another—the factor which lifts one man to every achievement to which he reasonably aspires while the other is caught in the slough of mediocrity for all the years of his life—is not talent, nor formal education, nor luck, nor intellectual brilliance, but is rather the successful man’s greater capacity for self-discipline. All you need to do is this: Beginning this very day, stop doing some one thing you know you should not do." (a quote by Benjamin N. Woodson)

Now the second part of Mr. Woodson’s suggestion is this, “Start doing each day some one thing you know you should do!” Write down one thing that you are going to start doing that you have been meaning to do for a long time but that you just haven’t gotten around to ... then Do It -- TODAY/NOW! If you actually follow through and DO IT, your confidence will begin to "soar" and you will come to know/feel you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! (see articles titled "Your Word is Law," "The Power of Self-Mastery" and "How to Stop Procrastinating")

Being Organized … a "Discipline of Love"
(from the book:Get MORE Done in LESS Time, by Donna Otto)

I’ve had women say, "After your classes, I wanted to organize my love, as you suggested, before I organized my home. But I listened to your word of caution: ‘Home organization must come first.’ I got my house in order.
"My husband says that this is the most genuine act of love I could have ever shown him. Learning to be organized is not an act of selfishness, it’s a discipline of love."

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