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Enriching Lives through Online Training

by Marcia Wieder

It's been medically proven that people with passion and dreams actually live longer healthier lives than those just going through the motions. While researching for one of my books, I had the privilege of interviewing one of the world's leading heart surgeons who told me about a medical term called Apoptosis. When your brain believes you have outgrown your usefulness it sends a message to your body that it is no longer needed, and people begin to mentally or physically self destruct. This often happens when people retire, experience and empty nest, or when people stop dreaming. So, what's the cure, the antidote for this syndrome? Passion and dreams. When we are in touch with our passion we have more energy, enthusiasm and vitality. We look better, feel better and live longer. Passion and purpose, (having meaning in your life) go hand in hand. When we are doing what makes us happy, it often gets done faster and with greater ease. Besides, when you are doing what you love, who cares how long it takes? Our attitudes and beliefs are never neutral; they either move us forward or hold us back. I have examples sited by the California Medical Association, one of the organizations I have addressed. Our positive beliefs can give us strength, clarity and resource or our negative beliefs can drain us. I have amazing stories to demonstrate and inspire with this essential point. Our dreams are simply what we want and include that which make us happy. Whether it be more quality time with family and friends, a healthier body or the energy to dance at our children's' (or grandchildren's') wedding, our dreams are important for our happiness, well being and fulfillment. The bottom line is, dream big, follow your heart and live longer! [see "Plan Each Year with Positive Expectancy" on our home page!]

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