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Appreciate your uniqueness. Build on your
strengths. Assess your talents. Make a
fresh start. Take the necessary steps.
Envision success. Know you can do it.
Imagine the possibilities. Keep your
dreams alive. Look forward. Savor your
strength. Overcome obstacles. Stay happy.
Let your spirit soar. Launch new ideas.
Reach out. Aim high. Think big. Live fully.
Rejoice in your capabilities. Invest in your
potential. Take a giant leap forward. Donít
look back. Believe in yourself. Seize the
moment. Hold tightly to dreams. Wrap them
in hope. Color them possible. Never give in.
Never give up. Be alive. Discover Godís love.
Accept your humanness. Ask for help. Have the
courage to change. Be patient. Keep promises.
Bury regret. Discard hate. Transcend self-
doubt. Abandon worry. Envision fresh
opportunity. Donít dwell on the past. Love
each moment. Live each day. Build a better
tomorrow. Open your heart. Explore your soul.
Expect the best. Let miracles happen.

Love for the sake of loving.
Give for the sake of giving.
Serve for the sake of serving.

-- (Author Unknown)--

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