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(an excerpt from the Motivation123 Newsletter - October 19, 2005)

All things, both good and bad, come to an end.

It's a fact of life we all know but work hard to ignore. We spend each day as if we have an eternity to do the things we've always wanted to do. Why rush or confront our fears when we have forever to do so? Why take steps to improve and leave our comfort zone today when we have so many tomorrows?

And this delusional thinking ensures the majority of people in the world settle for less than they want. It lures people into putting off their goals and dreams until time runs out.

And the end result? People live the whole of their lives far below their potential.


(... and here's an excerpt from the Motivation123 Newsletter - October 26, 2005)

If you change nothing about your daily routine, will you ever achieve your goals and dreams?

Think about it. Really think about it. If you continue down the exact same path you're now on, will you end up where you want to be?

This is such a powerful question because it takes the myth of 'someday' out of the picture. It puts the truth right in your face - if you don't do something about your goals now, you most likely never will.

Two Things You Can Do Right Now

So what do we do with this information? Well, the first thing is to realize you will never achieve your goals and dreams, never live the life you've imagined, if you don't start taking action right now.


It's a wake up call as well as a call to action.

The second thing to do is make a change. Routine will run the show if you let it, so it's up to you to put a stop to the pattern and start to shake things up.

Think of just one thing you can do today that will bring you a step closer to your goal.

And when you've got it, do it.


Giving yourself target dates and deadlines “causes” you to do tasks more expeditiously, so you will complete them in more of a timely manner. Even though you may not be doing it for someone else who has given you a deadline, you still need to provide yourself with your own “timeline” so as not to “drag your feet” in getting something done. Tasks of a high priority, but low urgency, fall into this “category.” We tend to always get the “urgent” done quickly … but all-too-often postpone the “non-urgent” indefinitely, even though their priority may be high(!) One example of this is starting a personal exercise program. Not starting today will not reap any ill effects in the near future, and therefore, is not “urgent” … however, the best time to start such a program IS today. Such is the priority we should place on our physical health. Ask yourself ... "What are my highest priority interests/tasks? Am I making sure they happen by setting aside (scheduling) blocks of time for them?" ... Also take note: "The time it takes to do a task tends to expand (or contract) to the amount of time allotted for it."

"Things may come to those who wait,
but only the things left by those who hustle."
                         -- Abraham Lincoln

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