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Enriching Lives through Online Training

(book by Elaine St. James with Vera Cole)

The following is the Table of Contents of this book. Each idea refers to a separate brief chapter on that topic. These ideas themselves will stimulate your thinking on how to live a full life with your children. You might like to get the book for the more in-depth insights provided. As you can see, the chapters are categorized according to specific areas Ė

1. Eliminate morning madness
2. Make saying good-bye easier
3. Have family meals together
4. Establish a regular bath routine
5. Establish a simple bedtime routine
6. Make story time special
7. Free your weekends for your family
8. Take time for yourself

9. Simplify the household routines
10. Share the workload
11. Create easy-to-follow house rules
12. Learn to do one thing at a time
13. Stop trying to do it all
14. Take all the help you can get

15. Your mother didnít need all that stuff; you donít need it either
16. Keep the kidsí toys to a minimum
17. Get rid of things on a regular basis
18. Donít put it in the attic (or in the basement)
19. What to do with baby teeth, pasta paintings, and other keepsakes
20. Create an easy living space for your kids
21. Simplify your kidsí wardrobes
22. Teach your cat to fetch
23. Stop buying more stuff

24. Avoid electronic overload
25. Set television rules
26. Choose your phone options wisely
27. Learn about computers, software, and cyberspace

28. Encourage independence at an early age
29. Try some other separation tactics
30. Get your kids to do as much as they can
31. Teach your kids to use the appliances
32. Show your kids how to manage their own space and stuff
33. Free yourself from the tyranny of the phone
34. Help your child become financially independent
35. Develop a close relationship with your kids
36. Keep your sense of humor
37. Learn to be patient
38. Realize that itís more than just a phase
39. Tell the truth and expect the truth
40. Keep the lines of communication open

41. Come up with logical consequences
42. Use time-outs
43. Be consistent
44. Teach your kids to take responsibility for their actions
45. Pick your battles
46. Praise and correct in specific terms
47. Treat your kids with respect
48. Learn the art of making a deal
49. Teach good manners
50. Never forget that youíre the parent 51. Itís okay to change your mind

52. Limit the options
53. Donít sabotage yourself
54. Find a third party to take the heat
55. Just say yes
56. Eliminate tantrums
57. If your child still resists
58. Minimize sibling rivalry
59. Look to the future
60. Make parenting a team effort
61. Keep your family together
62. Dealing with divorce
63. Make single parenting easier
64. The extended family
65. Know your child car options
66. Consider working from home
67. Think about becoming a full-time stay-at-home parent

68. Make holidays easier
69. Keep birthdays simple
70. Give simple gifts

71. Play an active role in your childís education
72. Help your kids with their homework
73. Encourage creativity
74. Donít let failure be an option
75. Be your childís greatest advocate
76. Keep a family calendar
77. donít over schedule
78. Get your kids involved in sports
79. Ease your driving load
80. Teach your kids to volunteer
81. Encourage quiet time

82. Keep your car battle-ready
83. Who gets to sit in the front?
84. Clarify your expectations
85. Grocery shopping with kids
86. Make eating out a pleasant experience
87. Teach your kids how to pack
88. Make traveling fun

89. find a doctor you like
90. Teach your kids to eat right and be healthy
91. Follow basic safety rules
92. Common ailments to be aware of
93. Remedies, potions, and supplies to keep on hand
94. Know when to call a doctor
95. Know what to do for emergencies
96. Consider alternative therapies
97. What to do when your child is sick
98. Teach your children about sex
99. Prohibit cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs

100. Make a date with your child

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