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KIS Keep It Simple. Unrealistic expectations are the primary cause of stress during the holidays. The perfect gift, the perfectly clean and perfectly decorated house, the perfect party and the perfect family traditions may not be so perfect when it's all said and done. So relax and "BE NATURAL." This simple acronym can help remind us we have to take care of ourselves, as well as others.

B Breathe deeply. It will help increase energy levels.

E Exercise. For at least 20 minutes, three times a week.
         And running from errand to errand doesn't count.

N Nutrition. Eat three well-balanced meals each day.

A Attitude. Negative attitudes are contagious and destructive.
         Try to see the glass as half full.

T Time management. Set priorities, and don't take on more than you can handle.

U Uniqueness. Make time to enjoy the uniqueness of your family.

R Relaxation. Allow for private time to read or listen to music
         a time when you don't focus on the next item you need to do.

A Associations. Maintain contact with nurturing support systems,
         such as colleagues, friends and family.

L Laughter. It's still the best medicine.

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