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(from Time Magazine, August 30, 2004; Source adapted from Living to 100)

An average person living in an industrialized nation has the genetic makeup and environment to enable him or her to live to the age of 87.

INSTRUCTIONS: Start with 87 years. Depending on your answers to the questions below, add or subtract the appropriate number of years.

ATTITUDE: Are you optimistic? Do you generally approach life with good humor? Are you able to let go of things that are stressful? If no, subtract five years.

GENES: Do you have at least some family members who have lived into their 90s or later? Exceptional longevity runs strongly in families. If yes, add 10 years.

EXERCISE: Do you set aside at least 30 minutes a day, three days a week to exercise? Muscle-building exercises are particularly important. If no, subtract five years.

INTERESTS: Do you do things that are challenging to your brain regularly? Itís important to take on activities that are novel and complex. If yes, add five years.

NUTRITION: Do you have a diet that keeps you lean? Carrying extra weight is not conductive to longevity. If no, subtract seven years.

GET RID OF SMOKING: Do you smoke? If yes, subtract five years.

TOTAL the above to get your expected life expectancy!

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