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WELCOME to this web page. A QUESTION might be raised – WHY did you click on this page? One possible excuse might be "It was an accident … my finger slipped!" One answer could be because you were curious about its contents (a good reason!). Another answer is that you’re searching for ALL you can find on self-help articles and will "take advantage" of whatever is available (another good reason!). Finally, there are those of you who already realize that true, everlasting success in this life (and the next) MUST have the Gospel for a "foundation."

The following articles/stories/ information should help in your efforts toward personal success and effective leadership … for they come from the greatest source of such knowledge – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Read a verse or search for a topic in the Old Testament
Read a verse or search for a topic in the New Testament

1. True Conversion Brings Happiness (6/3/02)
The full blessings of the Gospel can only be realized when one is truly converted ... but, what IS conversion, and what exactly are the steps necessary for conversion?

2. Mighty Prayer (12/11/06)
We need all the help we can get to make it through this life (successfully). The best help comes from Our Father in Heaven ... all we need do is ask, and then obey! (...more on prayer)

3. Holy Scriptures: The Power of God unto Our Salvation (1/2/07)

4. Likening the Scriptures Unto Ourselves (12/11/06)
The other great source from which we can get help to succeed in this life is ALSO from Our Father in Heaven -- His words in the scriptures.

5. Faith (11/29/07)

6. Repentance (4/2/01)
We are here to become like Heavenly Father. Being mortal, we are "prone" to making mistakes. Repentance is the "refining" process that enables us to convert weaknesses into strengths!

7. Content with the Things Allotted Unto Us (4/2/01)
We were allotted a particular set of circumstances when we were born into mortality by an understanding and loving Father in Heaven. He has, however, given us the power and agency to make the most of these circumstances and, thereby, grow to become more like him.

8. Finding a Safe Harbor (4/2/01)
Trials and tribulations are the "refiner’s fire" we must all pass through to learn the things we need to learn, having the experiences we must have that will enable us to become what we are capable of being. This journey can be so much more "pleasant" when we do those things necessary to have the guidance/comfort of His Spirit.

9. The Power of Self-Mastery (4/5/01)
The ultimate lesson we are here to learn, in mortality, is self-control. As we strengthen our spiritual "muscles" we are better capable of controlling our mortal "tendencies!" (ie the "natural man" is an enemy to God)

10. These I Will Make My Leaders (10/4/05).

11. The Perfect Leader (8/27/02 ... rev. 7/5/06)
What we can learn about leadership from the greatest of all leaders!

12. The Difference/ The Secret (4/5/01)
Prayer is the conduit by which blessings from God may be tapped. There is no better way to start or end the day!

13. Count Your Blessings/ "I Am Thankful..." (4/3/01)
Oh … if we only knew how much turmoil most of the world’s people are now having to endure, we would then realize how blessed we truly are!

14. Circle of Love (4/6/01)
What we "send out" will come back to us an hundred fold!

15. Charity: Perfect and Everlasting Love (1/2/07)

16. Dating: A Time to Become Best Friends (4/2/01)
The first step in creating a happy marriage is proper dating. Taking the time to really get to know the other person BEFORE making the decision to marry makes all the difference!

17. Marriage – Two Different Worlds (5/4/01)
Husbands and wives literally live in two different worlds. These four suggestions will help any couple unite their two worlds and will enable inherent differences to be enriching rather than constricting.

18. A Hundred-Hundred Marriage (4/2/01)
Meeting the other person "half-way" may provide for a decent marriage; however, willingness/commitment to "go the extra mile" makes for the BEST marriage.

19. Oneness in Marriage (4/6/06)
A four-part formula that ensures understanding and happiness in the home.

20. The Son (4/3/01)
The story of an art collector whose son went to war and gave his life saving his comrads.

21. The Sin of Omission (4/5/01)
"It isn’t the thing you do … it’s the thing you left undone…"

22. The Touch of the Master’s Hand (4/6/01)

23. How To Overcome Temptation (1/27/05)

24. Victory Over Death (1/16/03)
Scriptures that testify of our eternal nature and resurrection

25. The Abundant Life (9/6/06)

26. Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost (3/2/08)

27. Constant Companionship of the Holy Ghost (1/10/07)

28. Firm, Steadfast and Immovable (4/11/07)

29. The Great Measure of Discipleship (12/31/07)

30. The School Called Life (1/20/08)
Ever asked, "What is the purpose of life?"

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