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GUIDANCE (6/9/06)
(from True to the Faith, from the Sermons and Discourses of David O. McKay, Compiled by Llewelyn R. McKay)

There are four essential factors for leaders in guiding a child. First, find him; second, know him; third, interest him; fourth, afford him an activity. With the aid of the most thoroughly organized church in the world, there should be little difficulty encountered in finding every child, but finding him is less difficult that knowing him.

Our first step is finding out what caused the child’s delinquency. In three striking parables Jesus has given us the fundamental reasons for souls straying from the fold. The first of these is wandering too far in search of legitimate pleasure or joys, as illustrated in the parable of the Lost Sheep. The second is carelessness and neglect of parents and teachers, as set forth in the parable of the Lost Coin. The third is willfulness, as set forth in the parable of the Prodigal Son.

After the lost is found, it is necessary to determine the motive or cause of his having strayed. The next step is to find his interest and, finding and knowing that, it is necessary to follow the example of the Great Teacher who led from what was known to what he would have them know. But the most important of all the four conditions is getting the child to do something, to feel that he can render a service to others, that he carries a responsibility to the group—the awakening of the sense of responsibility.

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