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Failure: Friend or Foe?
(from Mentored by a Millionaire, by Steven Scott)

Following is a comparison of how people deal with their personal and professional failures –

Avoid failure at all cost. They rarely fail because they rarely attempt to achieve anything that isn’t easily achieved. They are destined to a life of mediocrity or worse.

Fear failure and work hard to avoid it. When they do fail, they either excuse or rationalize their failure or blame it on adverse circumstances or other people.

Fear failure and work hard to avoid it. When they do fail, they accept responsibility and work even harder to avoid failure next time.

Set impossible goals regularly and often fail. They realize that failure is just part of the game, and although they hate failing, they are not afraid of it. They quickly and exhaustively analyze each failure and use the lessons they learn to increase their probability of extraordinary success in the future.

We might add that superachievers do not depend solely on experience to learn … they take ample time to study the knowledge from experts via books and in person (and are not hesitant to solicit help directly from experts, even partnering with them) to maximize their efforts and possibilities for success … however, they don’t wait till they feel they know everything before taking action. They realize that when first learning a task or trying anything for the first time, mistakes are inevitable, and realize they are an intrinsic part of the whole process of succeeding! (Read: “Ready, Fire, Aim” and "New Model of Success & Failure")

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