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Enriching Lives through Online Training

In his book, Creative Training Techniques Handbook, Robert W. Pike (perhaps the number one training expert in the world today) states the following:

"If we want people to apply what they’ve learned when they’re back on the job, they’ve got to do two things: Buy-in to the concepts or skills we’ve introduced and retain them. Involvement is the key to both buy-in and retention. Some trainers argue against involvement because they fear it reduces their control. To them, lecture appears to give them more control over their participants. My experience is different. Properly used, participation requires much less effort on the part of the instructor because the learners can manage and control themselves—and they will—given the proper structure and opportunity. Over the years, I have learned to use an approach to group involvement that I call ‘instructor-led and participant-centered.’ It focuses as many of the learning activities as possible on the participants themselves. Sure, it requires some thought and creativity, but it can be a powerful learning tool that produces positive results."

Consider the following statistics on retention. We retain:

10 % of what we read,
20 % of what we hear,
30 % of what we see,
50 % of what we hear and see,
70 % of what we say, and
90 % of what we say and do.

(Taken from Communication for the Safety Professional, Robert Kornikau and Frank McElroy, National Safety Council: Chicago (1975), p 370.)

"Active learning is more effective than passive learning. But activity, in and of itself, doesn’t result in higher learning. Active learning occurs when students invest physical and mental energies in activities that help them make what they are learning meaningful, and when they are aware of that meaning-making." (Angelo, 1993, p 5.)

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"A teacher/trainer doesn’t “teach” … they lead/enable the learner to discover for/teach themselves, via participant-centered activities!" (Bob White)

"As a teacher, we cannot fill a person’s head with knowledge as we would a pitcher with water. All we can (and must) do is inspire learning on their part. Get to know them personally … their desires, interests, concerns, strengths, weaknesses. Accept and appreciate them as a child of God … instilling in them a feeling of self-worth, and a vision of what they are capable of becoming. Then, and only then can we inspire their learning. May we follow the example set by the Maser Teacher, Jesus Christ – love your students.” (Bob White) (Read Guidance)"

A quote from Confucius pretty well sums it up --

Tell me, and I'll forget
Show me, and I'll Remember
Involve me, and I'll Understand

"I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." — Albert Einstein

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