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(from Mentored by a Millionaire, by Steven Scott)

1. Provide the opportunity and authority. To effectively utilize partners, they must be provided with an opportunity to fully apply to your endeavor all of the knowledge, talent, and passion they can muster. Equally important, they must be given enough authority to accomplish their mission.

2. Provide the right environment. This means an environment where people are free to express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions without the fear of being inappropriately criticized or ignored….where partnering is encouraged and partners work according to their personal styles, not a style dictated by job descriptions, traditions, or the work styles of others.

3. Provide the right incentives. By giving [them] a piece of the action, [they will have the] incentive that [is] greater than [they] could have ever imagined [otherwise]… the greater the .. opportunity, the greater the motivation and commitment.

4. Use the greatest long-term motivating strategy. The two great motivating forces in anyone’s life are fear of loss and desire for gain. Correspondingly, there are two primary ways to impact another’s behavior: using fear to manipulate behavior or using love to motivate behavior. I’m not talking here about romantic or emotional love. In a partnering context, I’m talking about providing partners with honor, value, kindness, and security. The most important word here is value. We value partners when we listen to their input and respond to it in an honoring way. The more people feel valued, the more they will contribute.

Important Definitions

Partners: Counselors, consultants, advisors, experts, authors, friends, key employees, financiers, investors, lenders, mentors, and literal or legal partners who are recruited to fulfill tasks that are necessary to the optimal achievement of a goal, project, or dream.

Effective partnering: Partnering that involves four essential components: 1. Identifying the right type of partner needed for a given situation. 2. Identifying the right person within that type. 3. Recruiting the right person with the right kind of offer. 4. Effectively utilizing the partner for optimal results (see above).

Even though Steven Scott is referring primarily to business partnerships, the above also applies to any relationship (including marriage partners).

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