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Enriching Lives through Online Training

(resource: Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams, by Steven K. Scott)

For each area of your life, you have dreams. Starting with the most important --

1. On a separate sheet for each dream, titled “Dream to Goals,” list all the goals necessary to accomplish that particular dream.

2. On a separate sheet for each goal, titled “Goal to Steps,” list all the steps necessary to accomplish that particular goal.

3. On a separate sheet for each step, titled “Step to Tasks,” list all the tasks necessary to accomplish that particular step, afterwards adding a target completion date by each.

4. Circle each task for which you need additional know-how, resources, ability, etc.

5. For those circled, list the people/ resources/ etc. whose help you need.

This procedure of converting our dreams into “bite-size” tasks allows us to see what we can do TODAY, and the upcoming weeks, to bring them into realization! This is all it takes to give us that incentive/ motivation to ACT (today … right now)!

Following is an example of this process –

AREA –- Career
DREAM –- Establish a Web-Based Training Business

1. Select a Name and get copyrighted
2. Create a Free Guidebook
3. Set Up a Website
4. Partner with the Best Training Organizations/ Businesses
5. Formally set up the Business (license & etc)

STEPS (for Goal # 3) –-
1. Select Service Provider for Website
2. Create Website
3. Set Up Merchant Account
4. Market Website/ Business

TASKS (for Step # 2) --
1. Register a Domain Name (1/1/02)
2. Take Course in Web Design/ HTML (1/1 - 2/15/02)
3. Take Website Training from Service Provider (2/20 – 3/20/02)
4. Use Training to Actually Create Website (3/1 – 4/1/02)
5. Get Digital Camera (6/5/02)
6. Take Course in Use of Camera (5/1 – 6/15/02)
7. Add Personal Pictures to Website (7/1 – 8/1/02)

(In this book, Steven Scott speaks of seven “engines” to boost you in accomplishing your “impossible dreams.” The “Dream Conversion Process” is part of one of those engines.)!

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