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Cha-cha-cha, do-si-do, or just boogie your blues away. As amazing as it sounds, simply moving your feet to the beat really improves your state of mind.

According to American Dance Therapy Association member Diane Duggan, who holds a masterís degree in dance therapy, moving to music can be psychologically satisfying to many people.

"Dancing gives a sense of well-being." Ms. Duggan says. Anybody can get into a state of inertia. They feel down. But you can break that in a dance session, which leaves people feeling stimulated and invigorated."

Why? Because dance offers the opportunity for self-expression. Moreover, different forms of dance provide different benefits.

"Modern dance is good because it emphasizes expression," she says. "Folk dancing doesnít require much technical skill, itís extremely social and itís fun. And creative movement classes, which center around finding ways to express yourself, are also very good."

So, if youíre feeling dreary, take these three steps to happiness: ONE-two-three, ONE-two-three, ONE-two-three.

(From Emotional Health, by Myron Brenton and the Editors of Prevention Magazine, Pub.óRodale Press, Emmaus, Pennsylvania, 1985, p 84)

(For a great example of this positive "impact" dancing can have, get/rent a video of the movie "The King and I" and especially pay attention to the scene when the governess teaches the King [Yule Brenner] how to dance!)

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