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Give each student a copy of the Workbook a few days beforehand, and have them do the "Before Workshop" assignments at home.

Each student needs to bring paper and pencil/pen.
Have two flip charts – one for recording student responses, and one for displaying portions of this workshop, such as --
"Recipe for Success"
"Goals" (Long, Short, Confidence)
"Assignments" (1st Session)
"6 Basic Career Types"
"Assignments" (2nd Session)
Instead of the 2nd flip chart, these can be projected on a screen (in Power Point).


(1) Before "covering" the topic of recipes, ask –
"Since we’re talking about success, perhaps we should first define it!"
"What IS success?!" [get responses from students, write them on flip chart]
"Now that we have "defined" success, How DO we become successful?"
[again, get responses from students ]

(2) Discuss "Recipes," then the "Recipe for Success" (tying it in to the students previous responses)

(3) After discussing goals, have students divide up into groups of 2 or 3 to come up with possible goal categories, and then have them respond.

(4) "Create a Master List of Desires/Goals" [Give students about 5 minutes to do this]

(5) Ask students to share some of their goals. Perhaps see who has the longest range goal.

(6) Discuss the homework assignment (writing their Life Script and selecting a goal to complete by the second session).


(1) For covering the topic of "Imprinting," display pictures of possible goals and associated affirmations (this could be projected on a screen, in Power Point)

(2) For covering "One Goal – Your Career" and "O*Net Career Interest Assessment" have a computer connected to the Internet, ready to show/demonstrate these points (via projector, if possible)!

(3) Refer to/Review "Workshop Follow-up" (item # 17 in the Table of Contents of the Workbook)


This workshop could be presented in two 30 minute or 45 minute sessions* ... however, this shorter time would somewhat restrict student participation. Ideally, the more the students interact with the material -- thinking about it, expressing their insights/points of view, and actually using/practicing the principles taught (both in class and out) ... the better! (Read -- Effective Teaching/Training!)

(* If time constraints necessitate it, and class size is small enough to warrant it, this workshop can be given in four 20 minute sessions ... with additional breaks after discussing the "Formula for Success" and after discussing "Imprinting." Use wise judgement in shortening workshop sessions. Ask yourself, "Will every student feel there is enough time for THEM to speak up, and put in their two cents worth?" ... "Will there be enough time for me to "draw out" even the shyest student in this class, and have them participate?" Remember, active participation is the KEY to a successful workshop!)

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