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Overcome Adversity by Taking ACTION!

Your adversity is not bigger than you, but you will have to power up your performance to transform that adversity into the success you desire.

Take ACTION to improve your personal ENERGY level... to become stronger than the adversity.
Advice: Eat better... Exercise more... Smile more often.

Take ACTION to PRIORITIZE your life around your personal MISSION. Improving your sense of purpose and mission will give you the strength to see through the dark to the light.
Advice: Make certain each and every day is filled with what you value most.

Take ACTION to improve your ATTITUDE... because if you permit the negatives to gang up on you, you not only lose heart, you lose hope. In times of trials and tribulations, maintaining a positive expectancy gives you the power to plow through the obstacles and bottlenecks.
Advice: Look for the best in every situation and the opportunity in every problem. There is ALWAYS at least one if you look hard enough.

Take ACTION to create a specific GOAL for moving beyond the trouble to the treasure. Take out your 1, 5 and 15 year Timelines and pen a "new ending" to your "plot complications!"
Advice: Create a clear path from your Mission to the future.

Take ACTION to develop a clear, realistic and time-specific PLAN. Call it a disaster plan... or a plan for overcoming disaster... call it anything you like, but put it in writing so you can see it, feel it and ORGANIZE your life around it. Remember, a goal without a plan is merely a wish without a hope!
Advice: Make Plan... Work Plan (i.e. Focus your efforts). It is no more complicated than that.

Take ACTION to find others to help you... to create SYNERGISTIC interdependence and powerful team-building leverage. It is simply impossible to "go it alone" and hope for a happy outcome.
Advice: Find people to help you... DELEGATE more... DO less.

Take ACTION to improve your use of TIME... to live as if each minute matters... because it does.
Advice: Make absolutely certain that you harvest MAXIMUM value from each minute you spend... otherwise you are simply throwing away your tomorrows.

Take ACTION to get things started... and to keep them moving in the direction of your dreams and goals—especially when things appear hopeless. Taking ACTION in the face of fear, uncertainty and doubt may be hard, but its your ONLY viable option. Think about it.
Advice: Stop the three thieves (fear, uncertainty and doubt) from stealing away your life.

Live Long and Thrive...
No question, you can prevail, thrive and flourish in the face of adversity.
Simply improve your Power of TQ -- E.R. Haas, CEO (ThinkTQ)

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