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The following excerpt comes from the Baptism of fire from Following the Light of Christ into His Presence, by John M. Pontius

… being changed from the carnal and fallen state of a natural man, into the righteous state of a spiritual man … is referred to as being “filled with charity”… being “born again” … It is called “receiving the Holy Ghost as a constant companion” … the “baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost” … “receiving a remission of sins” … “becoming the sons and daughters of God.” … This is not a state of perfection, it is a state of sanctification … the nature of the person is changed so he no longer desires sin. … without the inclination to sin, former temptations lose their power. … This change is the first major step toward the ultimate goal of perfection. … If your life is filled with charity; if you have no more desire to sin; if your love of God approaches adoration; if your soul yearns for, and rejoices in prayer; if the scriptures speak joy to your soul; if the Holy Ghost is your constant companion; if you have no desire to accumulate wealth, power, position, worldly acclaim or honor—if all these things are true without exception, then you have been born again … The greater question may be—“Have I retained the blessings of the rebirth?” (see the whole of Alma 5, particularly verses 26-27). … the straight and narrow path .. lies before you, and the rod of iron [scriptures] will guide you … [see] John 3:3, Alma 7:14, and Mosiah 27:25-26 … [and] 2 Ne. 9:27 and Alma 34:32. … How can we … make ourselves worthy of the rebirth? … simply allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into total obedience. … the Holy Ghost becomes our frequent companion. This companionship works a mighty change, which causes the spiritual rebirth to occur. Then, the frequent companionship of the Holy Ghost becomes constant companionship. … When a person finds the courage to make absolute obedience the maxim of their lives, the rebirth lies just a short time away. To do it without this level of obedience takes years of struggle and effort. … spiritual birth .. parallels [natural birth]. It begins with an inception, and goes through a long gestation and growth. There follows a period of intense labor and pain, then finally a blessed event, and a pure and innocent child is born—again. … you .. change significantly enough that your motivations and the intent of your heart become single to the glory of God … when a person has been born again he has qualified for the constant companionship of the Holy ghost. … [This] opens the door of the ministering of angels; it punctuates ones life with revelations, bursts of understanding, and views of the workings of God; and the doctrine of the priesthood begin to distill upon the soul. One finds new purpose and joy in living that defies human understanding. The term constant should not be construed to mean permanent, for blessings after the rebirth are contingent upon obedience and righteousness, just as they were prior to the rebirth. …The constant companionship of the Holy Ghost is so profound, it literally propels the recipients into a different world. … They feel themselves being compelled to express their love and joy in service to their fellow man. They glory in their blessings, and bask in the Savior’s love. … The most notable effect of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost is a constant burning in the bosom, and a feeling of love and acceptance from God. … If one persists in their obedience, and endures their trials faithfully, they will, in time, be privileged to hear the Father’s voice pronounce upon them the promise of exaltation.

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