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Enriching Lives through Online Training

Personal Success & Leadership Institute provides online training. Our vision is that you reach your full potential. Our mission is to provide the knowledge you need to get there. (Our desire is to make this a reality for the world! -- help us!) Via our training resources one can access most any course/ training needed that is available online. They say, “The best things in life are free” … and so it is with us. Perhaps the best resource we have made available is our free “Personal Success & Leadership Guide” (below)!

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Our Personal Success & Leadership Guide is now available online (free) -- just scroll down for the complete Table of Contents and click on any article you'd like to read! This guide contains hand-picked articles/ stories/ talks collected over the past 30 years, as well as a few written from personal experience. Included are descriptions/ explanations of essential "ingredients" necessary for personal success and effective leadership. Topics include: Goals, Motivation, Time Management, Affirmations & Visualization ("Imprinting"), Effective Leadership & Communication, Productive Meetings, etc.

Mark Twain once stated that who we are and what we accomplish is dependent upon two factors – genetics and training … and that since genetics cannot be changed "after the fact," training is everything! Therefore our success hinges upon getting all the training we can … all the best training. This is the intent of this website. It is suggested that you read each article/ story ... for each contains information valuable/ necessary for our success. There is slight cross-repetition ... just enough to reinforce the most basic principles.


Learn & Be Inspired through these Excellent Resources!

For the BEST online training computer/ management/ sales courses and/ or academic/ college courses (and degrees!) online, click on the following link! -- Online Courses

We now have a Personal Success & Leadership Workshop! This workshop is for any adult; however, it is especially great for High School Students to help them determine a direction in their lives, and to effectively focus their energy in that direction! (10/31/04)



Articles on the following topics will be added over the next few months: Effective Listening (6/18/02), Networking (8/9/02), Situational Leadership (4/25/05), Participative Management (10/10/03, in the Introduction), Assertiveness (8/14/02), Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy (11/14/02), Effective Teaching/ Training (2/18/05), To Sell is to Consult, Delegation, Total Quality Management (TQM), Love/ Empathy, Communication Between Couples (10/2/03), You Are What You Eat, Self-Concept/ Image/ Esteem (10/16/03, in the Introduction), and on a "lighter" note, the design of a most awesome paper airplane! (10/19/03)


(Click on each for the ENTIRE article)
(The date the article was added is indicated after its title)


INTRODUCTION (11/3/02 ... revised 4/19/03 & 2/2/07)


A Simple Formula that spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S (5/31/02)

1. PLAN Each Year With POSITIVE EXPECTANCY (10/9/03)
We tend to get what we expect! Also, we are excited what the future "holds" when we PLAN exciting things to look forward to – these plans provide the "framework" for out expectations. (see Passion & Purpose. and "What is your mission?")

2. The DREAM CONVERSION Process (10/29/02)
These steps give the "tried and true" procedure of converting any DREAM into REALITY!

3. TNT—The Power Within You (4/17/01)
The power of the human mind is, at this time, beyond our limited comprehension; however, the better we understand how it works, the better able we are to "tap" the creative power inherent in each of us!

4. What To Say When You Talk To Yourself (the Book) (10/9/03)
Our mind is like a computer. We have the power to control our mind, and therefore the results we desire, by "programming" it appropriately. Self-Talk is one of the most effective ways of doing this!

5. How To Become What You Want To Be ("Imprinting") (9/4/02)
This article describes taking the two elements -- visualizations & affirmations (see 3 & 4 above), and combining them with a third element to enable us to most effectively convert our dreams & goals into reality!

6. Do Things That Make a Difference (5/24/02)
Life is short! Let us not reach the end of it exclaiming, "I wish I had ..." done this or that. Why not start TODAY by doing one thing different than what you did yesterday. This article/ talk gives the "big picture" and what it takes to make a difference.

7. How to REALLY Love Your Child (7/6/01)
Each child has an "emotional tank" which, when kept "full" will feel unconditional love and will develop into a well-adjusted individual! There are four basic things parents can do to fill their son's/ daughter's tank -- eye contact, physical contact, focused attention and discipline. This article gives tremendous insights.

8. READ to/with Your Children! (2/23/05)
Besides love, reading with your children is perhaps the single greatest contributing "factor" to their success in life.

9. Strong Families (7/23/01)
Seven "cornerstones" that, when practiced, will ensure a strong, close-knit, happy family!

10. The Key to a Happy Marriage. (10/1/03, revised 12/29/07)

11. How Couples Communicate (10/2/03)
There are five levels of communication through which two people must "dive" that they may reach true understanding/ intimacy/ oneness.

12. Become Soul Mates (11/16/11)
Most marriage problems stem from one this one missing ingredient!

13. One Quality that will Assure Your Success (4/5/01)
Procrastination is the "thief" of our righteous desires. This article identifies the one quality necessary to overcome procrastination.

14. Life’s Filled with Possibilities ... (& Risks) (4/5/01 & 10/16/04)
This title is self-explanatory! "…For its not until we try that we find out what we can do…" (It just takes moving out of our "Comfort Zone!" 8/30/06)

15. Remembering What It Means/ Love Story (4/5/01)
The true spirit of Christmas – unselfishness … to love unconditionally.

16. Priceless/ HUGS! (4/6/01)
"…You’re more than a millionaire. You’re a father."

17. A Valentine’s Story (4/6/01)
"Tell me whom you love, and I will tell you who you are."

18. Where Is God's Perfection? (4/4/01)
A story of how a learning disabled young man touched the lives of all the boys not only on his own ball team, but also their opponents!

19. Winning Thoughts (5/10/01)
All successful people know these truths and have these beliefs in common.

20. A Cry for Help/ The Greatest Power (4/15/01)

21. Reflections on Loving (10/17/04)

22. The Man in the Glass/ The Potter (4/6/01)

23. You Are Needed (a secret of happiness) (4/6/01)

24. Speak with Confidence (4/4/01)
How to prepare and deliver a speech with impact, including an explanation of the cause of and how to overcome stage fright.

25. LISTEN – with Your Ears, Eyes, and Heart (6/18/02)
Relationships are built on the foundation of effective communications ... and listening is the bedrock of communication!

26. The Small Talk of Networking (8/9/02)
There are people "out there" who can help you satisfy ANY need/ desire you have. Networking is the way to find them. Small Talk is the "vehicle"!

27. Persuade Your Point through ASSERTIVENESS. (8/14/02)
In communicating, people may be passive (complaining), aggressive (blaming), or assertive!

28. SMILE (4/4/05) ... LAUGH (12/2/05) ... and SING! (1/6/06)
A smile costs nothing ... yet its the quickest/ easiest/ best way to open the door to communication! ... laughter is music/refreshment to the soul ... and singing energizes your body!

29. Club Leadership (4/5/01)
Principles used by every effective leader.

30. Do It Now / Effective Follow up (9/6/01)
A leader has a "sense of urgency" in getting started/ getting done. Once a task is started, follow up is crucial ... and doing so in this manner will assure your success at least 95% of the time!

31. Planning and Focusing the Meeting (10/5/02)
Meeting objectives – the better alternative to meeting agendas.

32. Ten Essentials of Teamwork (10/5/02)

33. Effective Teaching/ Training (2/18/05)
A good leader ensures effective training within their organization!

34. Joy in Work (9/4/02)
"The prime requirement for achievement of any aim, including quality, is joy in work."

35. Leadership 101 (10/11/04)
Leadership "basics" from the "master of leadership," John C. Maxwell!

36. Situational Leadership (4/25/05)
Take a person where they are and, step-by-step, empower them to become the leader they are capable of being!

37. The Best of Success (4/17/01)
The most informative/ inspiring quotes covering the complete array of principles of success and leadership.

38. Remember, Your Word is Law (4/2/01)
The most critical factor in developing self-confidence.

39. How Do You Live Your Dash (9/4/02)
On her tombstone were her birth and death dates ... separated by a short dash

40. The Top 10 Steps for Choosing a Career (11/21/02)

Gospel Principles of Personal Success & Effective Leadership

Our aim is to provide all the information needed for personal success & effective leadership – without the need to “subscribe” to recurring newsletters/ emails for additional information. We will, however, periodically add articles as deemed appropriate (each showing the date added) … your comments & suggestions are welcome.




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To My Child (10/31/02)

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Jim Abbott, the One-Handed Pitcher (5/1/03)
Focus on your abilities ... not your disabilities!

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Live Life (5/3/03)

The KEY to Perfect Health (11/22/07)

Overweight? (8/21/08)

Before You Die (4/25/07)

Pursue Your Passion (4/11/07)

Passion & Purpose = Long Life (12/2/03)

Like a Raging Fire! (4/11/07)

How Long Will You Live? (9/5/04)
-- Answer these questions to find out!

Work - Life's "Firm Foundation" (10/19/06)

What Makes a Great Teacher? (9/29/04)

Guidance (6/9/06)

Help others help themselves via Co-active Coaching! (7/22/08)

Acres of Diamonds (5/8/03)

How To Be Rich (1/3/08)

Keep It Simple ... "Be Natural" (12/5/03)

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Secrets to Success (Anthony Robbins) (1/25/06)

Are You Stuck in "Autopilot"? (3/28/07)

How to Stop Procrastinating (3/6/07)

Success is a Process ... So is Failure! (8/7/08)

Start NOW (10/19/04)

Start Small (7/22/06)

Persist Until You Succeed (10/4/08)

Failure: Friend or Foe? (11/13/06)

Adversity: The Door of Opportunity (4/7/08)

Overcome Adversity by Taking ACTION! (8/9/07)

Ready, Fire, Aim! (2/11/06)

More Inspirational Quotes! (3/26/04)

The Optimist Creed (5/13/04)

FOCUS (8/8/04)

In Praise of Fanatacism (3/29/06)

The Power of Thoughts (3/2/06)

It Works (6/23/06)

The Road to Success (6/14/06)

Celebrating Success (10/24/04)

The Overriding Key to Success: Long Time Perspective (10/29/08)

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An Incredible Paper Airplane! (10/19/03)

Junior Achievement at Big Ridge Elementary with Mr. Gooden's 4th Grade Class, May 2007!

Junior Achievement at Chattanooga Christian School with Mrs. Fitzgerald's 4th Grade Class, May 2006!

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